Monday, October 5, 2009

Spanish Night wrap-up

Well, there might not be anyone reading, but if you were waiting for a Spanish night update I hope this doesn't disappoint.

Sarah and I were both excited about bringing a Spanish dish, so we both made one. She made a rice pudding with lemon zest and cinnamon undertones. I made chicken livers in a butter and sherry reduction sauce with a little egg yolk crumble over for garnish. Don't worry, the evening was save because Sarah made her rice pudding with lactaid milk.

There were appetizers and Spanish wine for early in the evening. Various breads, pickled artichoke hearts, olives, and two tapas were served. The first was tortilla, a cold egg omelet with potatoes in it. The second was squares or quince jelly with Manchego, a sharp sheep cheese. Sorry, but I didn't get a picture of that one. I'm told I'll see these little men everywhere as well.

Our hostess made a main dish that was to die for! A seafood and chicken paella with beautiful covering of whole shrimp, mussels and peppers.

Other dishes included a bacalao (salted cod with vegetable garnish) and fabada (a white bean and sausage soup).The meal was topped off with fritto leche (milk custard filled and fried pastries) and the rice pudding. Yes,that is more Spanish wine in the back ground.

These folks didn't just give culinary advice. Some also brought pictures that we viewed on the big screen via the PS3. It was a tough night of studying, but can never be too prepared when traveling.

Tomorrow: the Heritage Cup.

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